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Are Blindness and Darkness Ever Good?

Author: David Causey, USA (Ret.)

Shots in the Dark. Photo by The U.S. Marines is licensed under CC By 2.0

Blind cave fish (e.g. the Mexican tetra) represent a rare example in which genetic mutations might possibly benefit a species.

In the darkness of a cave, functional eyes can be a liability. Eyes may become injured and infected. The absence of eyes due to genetic mutations, however, eliminates this risk to a specimen and its offspring.

A cave might provide other benefits for eyeless fish. The energy a blind fish’s body would have devoted to producing eyes is conserved in an environment where eyes are not necessary. The total darkness of a cave is also a safer environment for specimens afflicted with albinism—which is also often caused by genetic mutations. It is also true that blind and albino cave fish benefit from the lack of competition from the better-equipped specimens of the sun-lit world. Thus, in the specific environment of a cave, blind and albino cave fish and salamanders find an accommodating world.

But is blindness or darkness desirable? Total darkness is far from accommodating to the healthy specimens of a species. The healthy need light and the abundant food sources light provides. Sunlight might be an irritant to fish and salamanders without color and eyes. But normal animals derive life from the light.

So what is to be done for the blind and colorless fish of the cave, who desire to venture into the warm streams beyond the darkness? Are we to accommodate them by darkening the sun to make a less-offensive environment for them? Is the colorful outside world to be transformed into darkness to make the cave fish feel more comfortable?

And what are we to do with our society? Is society to be made more accommodating to the lawbreaker or to the law-abiding person? Are we to accommodate those who love darkness rather than light, lest their deeds be exposed? Society cannot do both. Society cannot accommodate the wicked without oppressing the righteous. It cannot make the perverse and deviant more “comfortable and at home,” without creating a hostile environment for the normal and wholesome.

Yet this has been the trend of our government over the last fifty-five years. Many judges, godless lawmakers, and a humanist media have waged war on the foundational values of this country. By doing so, they’ve made America more hostile to people of faith. And while the enemies of Christianity portray our nation’s faith-friendly history as one of intolerance and bigotry, this is only the view of those who love darkness. Of course, the abundance of Christian light was an irritant to them. Just as the dark and corrosive environment of sin and perversion (the cave) is an irritant to us.

People of faith must choose between the reign of good and the reign of evil. Society cannot opt to accommodate evil and godlessness without destroying itself. We cannot transform our nation into a cave-like world without doing it irreparable harm. Light and sight are good. Blindness and darkness are not. Therefore, in this battle for the very soul of America, righteousness and good must prevail. No matter how much godless politicians and the media malign us, we cannot lose the spiritual, moral, or political battle. We must pray with a desperation that befits the great spiritual conflict of our times.


Almighty and merciful Father, we acknowledge the truth of Your word that we are engaging in a great spiritual conflict against the spiritual forces of wickedness that seek to destroy our nation. Therefore, we pray, O God, that You will pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us and turn our sin-sick hearts to You in faith and repentance. Turn us also to each other in love and reconciliation. Please, dear Father, breathe into us afresh the breath of life. Open our blind eyes, open our deaf ears, soften our hardened hearts and save us for Jesus’ sake. Restore our sanity and our sense of decency. Create in us a hunger and thirst for righteousness—as well as an abhorrence and loathing for sin and perversion. Reveal to us, O God, our own sinfulness and desperate spiritual condition. Forgive us for the evil we’ve done.

Dear Father in heaven, please deliver us from the power and influence of the godless. Do not let them reign over us or set the course for this nation. Please, dear God, raise up men and women of God to be our Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, and Supreme Court Justices. Raise up men and women of God to be our educators, teachers, and scholars. Raise up men and women of God to be journalists, entertainers, athletes, celebrities, and role models. And raise America to true greatness and use it as Your instrument of good and the gospel, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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In article photo: Mexican Tetra as Blind Cave Fish by JohnstonDJ licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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