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There’s No Security Blanket Like Jesus

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There’s No Security Blanket Like Jesus


On October 3, 2021, Golden, Ontario resident, Ruth Hamilton received the shock her life. She was sound asleep when it sounded like a cannon thundered above her house. She awoke to find her head covered in debris. What in the world had happened? 

Ruth rolled out of bed and turned on the lights. She was amazed to see a hole punched right through her ceiling. Uncertain about what to do, she dialed 911. And then, while on the phone with a dispatcher, she saw it. A rock had fallen on her pillow. But where did it come from? 

All she could think of was that a nearby construction site at Kicking Horse Canyon had been blasting. Maybe their explosions had sent some rocks in her direction. She called them, but they hadn’t been doing any blasting during the evening.  

However, the construction manager did give Ruth an important clue to the mystery of the fallen rock. Workers at the construction site had noticed a bright flash in the night sky and explosion at the time of her incident. And there had also been a meteor shower that night. Was the rock on her pillow, which struck just inches from her head, a meteorite? Scientists at the Western University in London, Ontario confirmed that it most certainly was. 

The entire episode deeply rattled Ruth. She explained, I was in shock and I just sat here for a few hours shaking … life is precious and it could be gone at any moment even when you think you are safe and secure in your bed.” 

This story is eerily similar to that of Ann Hodges – the only person known to have been struck by a meteorite. Back in 1955, she was also sleeping safe and sound in her bed when a meteorite crashed through her ceiling and struck her on the hip. She survived, but the extraterrestrial rock gave her a murderous bruise. Ruth’s meteorite, however, almost struck her head. She would not have survived had it done so. 

Some may find these stories deeply disturbing. “Wait a minute! You mean, I’m not even safe in bed, not even under the covers?”  I’m afraid that’s true. Not the blankets nor even the puffy, thick comforter can keep you safe from a meteorite. Despite the deep sense of security we might feel, all snug under the covers, it’s an illusion. 

It may seem like a silly assumption that your bed covers will keep you safe. But that thinking is not far from the misunderstanding most people have regarding their various sources of security. Isn’t this the cause of the current outbreak of Post-Traumatic Stress? People have their fragile sense of safety and security blown away by events far beyond their control. They suffer the shocking realization of just how frail and vulnerable they are without God – our ultimate security.  

Without God as our shield, our sense of security is nothing but smoke. If we think that money, possessions, health insurance, dental insurance, home-owners insurance, advanced home security systems, martial arts skills, etc. will “keep us covered,” we’re in for a shock. That “covering” is about as effective at protecting us against tragedy as were Ruth Hamilton’s pillow or Ann Hodges’ blankets against meteorites. 

On the other hand, there’s God, the Almighty whose infinite mind can track every single subatomic particle in the universe and whose infinite power can continuously uphold their existence, order, and complexity. Cannot His infinite mind keep track of you – who are as big as a universe compared to an electron, proton, neutron, muon, or quark? He most certainly can. And will not His infinite power protect you, even if you feel as vulnerable as a frightened little rabbit amidst a pack of wolves? He most certainly will.  

If you’ve placed your faith and trust in Jesus, then you are safe in the hollow of God’s almighty hand (John 10:28-29). Nothing of earth or heaven can touch us apart from our loving heavenly Father’s will (1 Corinthians 10:13). If your heavenly Father is for you, it matters nothing if the whole world is against you (Romans 8:31). If God’s almighty hand is your pillow, God will cause you to sleep safely through the biggest H-Bomb (e.g. the 57-megaton Czar Bomba) that’s hurled against you. Put your faith and trust in Jesus alone. There’s no security blanket like Him. 

PRAYER:  Dear Lord Jesus, into Your almighty and loving arms I flee. Keep me safe in Your embrace from all the schemes of the wicked, all unforeseen accidents and injuries, and all unseen illnesses and diseases.  Make me mindful, Lord Jesus, of Your continuous protective presence. Be my fortress, shield, and all-encompassing armor, I pray. Amen. 


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