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Betrayal and Rejection

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Where is God when you feel rejected or betrayed by your friends? Does He even care? Actually, Jesus experienced that exact thing—betrayal by a very close friend. Find out more of how God not only cares, but truly understands.

Bible intro:

It all happened the same day! Amazingly, the story you are about to read from the Bible is about a huge betrayal and the pain of rejection all in one single night. And it happened to Jesus! If you have ever wondered if he could possibly understand what you’re going through when it happens to you, I think you’ll have no doubts when you finish reading. For a quick background on the key characters, Judas and Peter had walked with Jesus for three years as part of his inner circle (the disciples—the original gang). That’s as long as most of you have lived in any one location, so you know almost exactly how long that was. Many of you would love to have a friend for the entire three years! And Jesus had done a lot of life with these guys and 10 more just like them! Now read about that incredibly painful night right after they had shared dinner together from Luke 22 (with a few verses omitted for length).

Scripture: Luke 22:3–67

Personal Questions:

  1. Have you ever been betrayed in a friendship? If so, can you describe what you felt in a way similar to what Job did (see Supporting Scriptures)? How did you get over it (or have you)?
  2. What advice would you give someone else who is feeling betrayed or rejected by a friend?
  3. How does being a military brat and moving every few years make it harder to keep friends?
  4. How does knowing that Jesus was both betrayed and rejected by his friends on the same night impact your view of how he understands your pain?

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Dear Jesus, maybe for the first time, I know you understand when I feel the pain of being rejected or betrayed by a friend. It really hurts, but you know that because it happened to you. Wow, thanks for living exactly where I live and going through the same things. Help me get through this without hating or hurting someone. Teach me to love like you loved in spite of how I am treated. Amen.

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