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When I Don’t Know Where Home Is

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Scripture: Psalm 90

Key Verse: “LORD, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.” (Psalm 90:1)

I couldn’t stop crying, huddled in the back seat of the car, as we drove over the Colorado mountains. I had just graduated from college in Oregon, had packed out my room, and was traveling with three other college students to Denver, before heading on to a summer of ministry in Germany. Denver had been my home prior to college, but now someone else was renting my parent’s house. The realization hit me hard that day: I don’t know where home is. I don’t feel like I have a home. Where do I belong? I was feeling very unstable in my life!

In church one Sunday, a wise older woman asked me how I was doing in this season of my life. I answered truthfully, “I feel lost I feel like I don’t have a home. I am in transition, and it hurts.” She listened well and sympathized. Then she said, “I want you to remember Psalm 90, verse 1. It says ‘God is our home.'” I looked it up and there it was—a wonderful assurance that God is our home through all generations! What good news that was to me. From that point onward, I claimed this verse. Throughout my life, through every change, God himself has been, and will always be, my home. I know where I always belong.


When have you felt as though you have no place to call your home or to belong? What does it mean to you that God is your home?

Psalm 90 was written by Moses. Look at how he describes the ups and downs of life, in the rest of this passage. How important is verse 1 to the rest of the psalm?


Write down the qualities of God that make God a good home. Post it somewhere in your room where you will see if for at least one month. Thank the Lord for having these qualities and for his presence with you.


Dear God, you have put in my heart the desire for home, for a place of refuge and belonging. When I feel lost and I’m floating about, when I’m in the middle of a move or season of change, I need you. I need you all the time, but I need you in specific ways in transition times. Lord, be my home.

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