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Faith—Remaining with Jesus

Sprinting away. Photo by Jonathan Chng is licensed under CC By 2.0

Our lives are sometimes referred to as a race (even though we don’t always know where it will end). HOW we run the race speaks a lot about who we are and what we believe. This section discusses how faith gives us a certainty of things we hope for and provides encouragement for the trek.


Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? You know, like “I’m gonna stop gossiping” or “I’m gonna exercise every day for at least 30 minutes” or “I’m not gonna yell at my little brother.” Are you any good at keeping those resolutions? Most people last about 2 weeks to a month, then the old patterns creep back in. Does it have to be that way? What if you’ve made a new commitment to someone? Are there ways to make it stick? Dig in here to discover some helpful ideas.

Bible Intro:

In a surprising way, this scene actually has a lot to say about our spiritual journey with Jesus. If you have made God your Daddy, that is awesome! It’s a great first step, but it’s only one in your marathon race towards God’s Kingdom. Maybe you’ve heard a coach say, “It’s not how you start the race; what counts is how well you finish.” Well, friend, this lesson is all about finishing well. And the only way to finish this race is to maintain proper vision—to see the unseen. That is what the writer of Hebrews addresses in chapter 11. For some, this may be a long section to read all at once, but let me encourage you to take 6 minutes to read it all the way through. Like Boone’s speech to his players on that early summer morning, this chapter is inspirational and moving. Check out Hebrews 11.

Scripture: Hebrews 11–12:2

Personal Questions:

  1. What is the biggest commitment you have ever made? How well did you do in honoring that commitment? Does the word commitment scare you? If so, why?
  2. Right now, whose opinion, or more specifically, evaluation, of you matters most? How important is God’s evaluation of you? If you were to die today and meet your Daddy—that is God—what would he say about the life you lived? When this life is over, how important will other people’s opinion of you be?
  3. In the passage above from Hebrews, the author draws our attention to great men and women of the faith. Just as Coach Boone looked to history to teach his players a valuable lesson on unity, this biblical author also points out saints who have fought the good fight. What affect do their lives have on you? Did you know that that they are actually cheering you on in heaven right now?
  4. Do you believe faith is something valued by our society? If not, what does our society value? Or, if you have had the privilege of living in a foreign country, what values did people in your host country have? What do you have faith in?

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Lord, give me your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your heart to feel. Help me to honor you in all I do and say. And send a mentor into my life who will help show me your ways. Give me the desire and ability to run my race well. Thank you! Amen.

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