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Good Doubt—Interactions

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Below are some additional interactions on the article: Good Doubt. Read it first.


Here is an article about Greg Boyd’s book Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty. Even if you don’t go on to read the book, this article has some great stuff to say about why doubt can be helpful and even necessary to a mature and growing faith.


Go back to that list you made of all your questions or areas of the world you want to learn more about. Pick your 2 or 3 top ones and plan out some real steps to learn more about them – look up books, find documentaries, find someone who knows more about that subject. I would encourage you to take an issue per week and make sure to include a youth leader, parent, or pastor in this process. Just as in all things, it’s wise to have older Christians included in our growth. It not only gives us some guidance and accountability, but they may have resources and ideas we haven’t thought of on our own!


Here’s a quiz about some of the miracles that Jesus performed during his time on earth. See how you do! If you want to know more about those miracles, the book of Mark is a great place to start.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Romans 8:1—If your foundation is faith and your doubt is not causing you to disobey God, then questions and exploration can be a wonderful, life changing experience!

Romans 12:1–2—A reminder that God is at the center of all of our discoveries and revelations. Keep your heart open to his guidance and always use the scripture to find truth.

Hebrews 11:3—Whether you are passionate about science or art, always remember that God created it all for you to discover and, through that, for you to know him better!

Proverbs 3:3–6—When it comes to addressing some of the bigger questions, we have to realize that we may never fully understand or have peace about them. It’s important with those things to continue relying on God.

Small group guide:

Good Doubt SG

Large group guide:

Good Doubt LG

Life Questions:

  1. Take some time and write down every single question you have (big or small) that you would like to look into more. Now spend time today and the rest of the week talking with God about each of these. Be sure to listen and be open to what he wants to show you.
  2. Before you start researching and investigating these different areas of doubt, identify three trustworthy Christian people in your life that you would feel comfortable sharing some of these things with. Set up a time to talk with them and let them know what you are planning to start exploring and ask them to help keep you accountable. It’s important you have a buddy to make sure you are keeping your feet on the foundation of Christ and his Scripture.


Take a few minutes to giggle at these dogs who experience great doubt about their safety when it comes to walking past cats. Gotta say, I feel their pain but it sure is funny to watch!

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