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I Will Be With You

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Scripture: Exodus 3:1–12

Key Verse: “But Moses said to God, ‘Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?’ He said, ‘But I will be with you…’” (Exodus 3:11–12a)

Life can easily overwhelm and frighten us with the stresses thrown our way! Many trials find us feeling unprepared, unqualified, and incapable. Maybe a parent is deployed, leaving you with the responsibility of caring for your siblings. Maybe you have moved to yet another school and must make new friends and fit in… again. Maybe you are about to graduate and will be on your own for the first time. Whatever your circumstance, you must answer the question, “Who am I?” before engaging with each new challenge.

When Moses faced the daunting task of leading the Israelites out of slavery, he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the mission! Before agreeing to take on the challenge, he asked this very question, “Who am I?” God did not remind Moses of how many accomplishments he had, or how strong he was, or even of past challenges Moses had overcome. God assured Moses, “Don’t worry about who you are. All that matters is that I AM with you! And I AM enough!”

When stepping into a new challenge, it is your choice whether to fix your eyes on the size of your obstacle or the size of the God who is with you!


What qualifies you or enables you to step into new responsibilities and take on new challenges? When have you felt the most prepared? The least prepared? What was the difference?


Make a list of areas in your life that require you to step out of your comfort zone, take a risk, and step up to a challenge bigger than you think you can handle. Place them on your mirror as a reminder of things to talk to God about.


God, sometimes I am overwhelmed because the challenges I face seem more than I can handle. I want to bravely face the struggle ahead, trusting that you are with me and your presence and your grace are enough!

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