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Life In a Minefield

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Sometimes in life things just get to be too much. Whether it’s school or friends or stuff at home, or a nasty combination of those and more, sometimes life just feels too unstable. Every day can feel like a battle and you are on constant alert for the next big catastrophe. Does this sound familiar?

Regardless of where your problems are coming from, God has a plan for you to make it through. So if you feel like you spend all day walking on egg shells, or if you feel like a ball of stress that runs around all day trying to catch up with life’s craziness, or a hundred other ways that might make you feel like you’re living in the middle of a minefield—keep reading! Find out how Jesus intends for us to handle the daily instability of our lives, because with his help anything is possible!


I recently went through a time of pretty radical transition and change and everything around me felt unstable. Even internally, I felt off kilter. I had recently moved, I had a new roommate. My parents and I were fighting all the time, and I had some huge deadlines for school rushing toward me. I was overwhelmed and completely stressed out.

On top of that some of my depression that I had struggled with a couple years before started rearing its ugly head. I’d wake up in the morning and instantly feel a wave of pressure and tension sweep through my body. I didn’t start each day new and refreshed; instead, from the instant I opened my eyes I felt like a rabid porcupine fighting for survival! I couldn’t even be nice to my roommate as I tried to rush out the door. Really, I just felt like I was constantly running on empty. I could never recharge and never rest because there was always some part of my life (or multiple parts) that was threatening to fall apart at any minute. It just seemed like everything everyday was too much to handle and I couldn’t take it! Everything was out to get me. Nothing ever worked out. No matter how hard I tried, everything just seemed to be falling apart. Do you ever feel this way?

Something my counselor said to me during that time is that it is important to use spiritual disciplines to make sure that we are wiring our brain correctly. She said that we actually have the ability to influence our neurological pathways through regular spiritual discipline. This is a scientific and biological fact!! It’s been proven, and it works.

So by using tools like daily Bible study, fasting, injecting ourselves into a community of believers and participating in the Body of Christ, we can find stability and energy to face life. So take the time to look outside of your own life and serve those in the community around you through volunteering and donations. Be selfless and generous with your time. These things will foster good neurological pathways in your brain that will literally change the way you see and respond to the world!

Then, as you encounter the challenges that will inevitably come and as you deal with the transitions that are more likely to happen to you as a military kid, you will keep the right frame of mind as you journey through. Rather than feeling like everything is unstable and nothing ever goes your way, and no matter how hard you try things never turn out right, you’ll understand that it is a journey. It’s a process. And the work you do today to grow and mature in your faith and to bring God’s message to those around you is bringing the universe one inch closer to experiencing the Kingdom of God on earth. That’s huge! If you do this with joy and commitment to God’s purpose and with feet firmly planted in his love and his guidance provided through Scripture and the Holy Spirit, you will prevail! While life can be a minefield, Jesus is an amazing guide through it all.

Bible Intro:

This passage from Isaiah is a fantastic one for times when your life feels unstable. As you read, notice how there are a lot of emotions expressed, problems big and small, a clear solution given, instructions on how to succeed, a warning, and a promise!

Scripture: Isaiah 33

Personal Questions:

  1. Do you relate to a part or all of the story above?
  2. What things are causing instability to your life?
  3. Does the idea of following God and trying to live your life his way seem like a good idea? Why or why not?
  4. Do you believe that receiving Jesus’ salvation and making him Lord of your life will make a difference in your day to day life? How and why or why not?
  5. Are there any dangers to doing things God’s way? What are they? Does the Bible have anything to say about them?

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Dear Jesus, It’s hard to believe that something like reading the Bible is going to change much in my life. I know you say it’s important but what does it really do? I want to trust you, I want to live my life in faith; but honestly, I don’t even know what that means most of the time. Can you please help me understand how living for you is the better option? Bring people into my life that I can talk to, show me something new when I read or watch TV, help me to see it from your perspective. And more than that, give me the faith and courage to live according to your ways even when I don’t understand. Amen.

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