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The Mother Effect—Interactions

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Take a look at the locations of some of the story from Exodus 2 where the baby Moses was born and slipped into the basket and placed in the river.


The word nurture means to feed or protect. It is based on Latin nutrire ‘feed, cherish.’ The word nurse is a derivative of the word nurture. Think of the role of the nurse in our culture today and you will see the similarities between nurturer and nurse.


WEEDS (TV show)
Season 4 episode 13: While naturally a nurturer, the mom has made some tough choices that create as much bad as they do good for her family. Sometimes, as in this case, mothers don’t get it right.

Brief background—There’s a pot-dealing mom (that’s the plot of the show) who, while valiantly trying to support and protect her family, often fails and abandons them in regards to emotional support and being physically present. This segment takes place on the night of Silas’ birthday (the older son). Nancy has yet again bailed on her family when they were supposed to be going out to dinner. She disappears because the DEA is about to bust her. She and her boss are trying to put distance between her family and herself (like a mother fox). To make up for her absence she is trying to order a gift basket for her son’s birthday. Her other son Shane is the most interesting character as throughout the show his moral decay and ambiguity is clearly shown. This episode portrays the beginnings of that as he begins to sell weed for the first time (oh, point of clarification, the sandwiches in the freezer are Silas’ mode of selling green incognito). The other guy present is Andy, their uncle.


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The Mother Effect—Full Version


Luke 2:4–7
Luke 2:16–20
Luke 2:22–35
Luke 2:39–52
2 Kings 8:1–6
Exodus 2:1–10
1 Timothy 5:16

Small Group Guide:

FAMILY—The Mother Effect SG


Disney Mothers “A Mothers Love”
This is a compilation of various mothers from Disney movies where you can see many of the Proverbs 31 characteristics portrayed.

Take a look at this—Phil Collins’ “You’ll be in my heart” (Tarzan Soundtrack) for a look at nurturing from a human and an ape mothering perspective. Do you think that nurturing is instinctive? Who is responsible for weaving ‘instinct’ into animals and humans? In what ways do you think your family is cared for by your mom?

Large group guide:

FAMILY—The Mother Effect LG

Life Questions:

  1. Take a look at Proverbs 31:31 and consider how you can give your mother credit for what she does. Make some time today to tell her thank you for something specific that she has done for you and/or the family.
  2. Write out the top three phrases or words of advice that your mother has given to you or the family in general. Consider making these phrases into small signs or post-it notes and place them around your room or other places in the house. Will this make your mother feel honored? If so, try it.
  3. Thinking sentimentally, what emotions would you like to share with your mother even though it’s not Mother’s Day? Send her a card expressing your love and appreciation.


The first song has a particular message for mothers, as well as fathers. The second describes the struggle to be yourself in the shadow of a mother who sees you as a failure. Surely this kind of mother effect has some harsh realities and pain.


What’s characteristics or traits do you see in yourself that come from your mother? Take a few minutes and write them down. If you’re bold, share them with her.

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