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What Do I Have To Offer?

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The concept of belonging somewhere is intimidating for all of us because it hinges on the very vulnerable issue of our self-worth.

When you’re moving to a new installation and starting all over in a new school, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how you are going to approach situations this time. You consider what you did before and think about what you want to do differently, because we constantly look for ways to belong more fully and completely. It might be overwhelming at times and maybe even make you wonder—what do I have to offer? Keep reading to find out how God made us all in unique and special ways, so that we each have something to offer.


One of the characters I like the most in superhero stories is the rich boy who discovers he can do something that matters. Sometimes that makes him into a bad guy, but more often they become heroes themselves. It’s really fun to watch, and I think one of the main reasons we have such a fascination with their transformation into superheroes is because we get to witness the start and the result of them figuring out what they have to offer.

In the movies there is always that realization moment when the character finally “gets it.” They finally understand that they have skills and that they can use those skills to enact change around them. You know, that’s something we have in common with them; we all have skills and the ability to use them for good or evil. Maybe you haven’t had that Aha! moment when you connected the dots about what your gifts and abilities are. That’s ok. Seeking after them and then discovering how to use them can be some of the most invigorating and challenging times in your life.

Here is a story from thedailygreen.com, “40 Inspiring Stories of Real People Making a Difference.” As you read it, notice how the young woman first found her ability through a personal interest/passion and giving a try to something new. Then she started impacting the people around her, like her family and neighbors; and by the end it’s extended even further. This is a very good example of what our skill discovery might look like and where our development should go. The Lord created us to not only experience personal realization and transformation, but, so that we could help bring it about in the world around us!

“I wanted to nominate my wife, Rosamaria Caballero, for the Heart of Green Award consideration.

Rosamaria set out to green our home about 18 months ago and when she realized how much research it was to pick the right showerhead and the right non toxic cleaner and dimmable CFL she realized that green would never go mainstream without a little help from a local green friend.

She created a woman- and minority-owned company, Green Irene LLC to train local people (via the web) to be a force for green in their communities and also make a part time professional income doing something they can feel great about: Greening Our World, One Home and Office at a time. She is the original ‘Green Irene’: That green, non-judgmental friend you wish you had to help you green your life without making a hobby out of going green.

Her Green Irene Local Eco-Consultants, just within a year, are in over 30 states and number almost 100. She didn’t just green her own home, she set out to green the homes of 1000s of people and create a trained team of people who can make a green difference in their local community.

Please consider Rosamaria for one of the Heart of Green Awards. She is using private enterprise to bring the green message and implement solutions, not just to her own community, but through her Green Irene Eco-Consultants to 100s of communities. And she is just getting started.”

Bible Intro:

Maybe all of this talk about abilities and talent sounds ridiculous to you. You think “I’m not a secret wizard or something. I’m normal and not that special when you get right down to it.” This is so far from the truth! God created you individually. He made you with a personal and unique piece of him in you for you to reflect back to the world so that they may better know him. Look at this psalm and notice how deeply, completely, and perfectly God created you, knows you, and loves you.

Scripture: Psalm 139:1–18

Personal Questions:

Can you remember a time when you were doing something that felt natural, you gained energy from it, and learning the ins and outs seemed to happen effortlessly, like everything was falling into place? What skills and abilities where you using?
Do you really buy into this idea that God created you with specific abilities?
How does the idea of impacting others make you feel? Does it inspire or scare you?
How do you think having God in your life impacts how you use your talents and abilities?

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Lord God, You are so amazing! You created us all so uniquely, and yet also as a whole. We were meant to belong and commune with you and with others. It’s so incredible when I think about you forming me inside of the womb, and how you placed these abilities in me that I can actually use to impact other people. Thank you for creating me so purposefully. You constantly show me how important I am to you and how much you treasure me. Help me believe in and be accepting of your love. I want to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and shown what I have to offer to others. I know that through your guidance I can do something wonderful! Amen.

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