U.S. Army Soldiers with the 132nd Military Police Company, South Carolina Army National Guard are welcomed by friends and family.

Photo by The U.S. ArmyU.S. Amry is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Family Brokenness

Submission in Marriage Goes Both Ways


Fellow Warriors Will Help You

Family Brokenness

Obedience for Your Own Good

Family Brokenness

No Limit on Forgiveness

Spouse Articles

You married not only a warrior, but the military. Your warrior constantly fights to balance the requirements of calling and service with marriage and family. You’re called to support, care for and follow  your warrior wherever orders take you. You’ve left family and friends to make this journey and you face unique challenges that only those who followed this path can understand. Their stories and the lessons they’ve learned along the way can become your road map to a successful journey.