Preserving Power -Pass the Salt


Afraid To Call For Help?

A Mountaintop Perspective


A Fly In The Mouth


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Jesus' Mission -Traveling and Training

Hardship of Separation

When We See No Way Around Our Problems

A Lifetime of Learning


Get Back To Work

He Sees us in our Struggle

Hardship of Separation

Unprofitable Trade-Offs

Stop, Come Away … and Rest

Hardship of Separation

Peace Amidst Life's Ups and Downs

Laughter or Service?


Bottled Up


Confined By Love

Storm of Life -No need for a life preserver

Financial Difficulty

Where Are The People?

What to do when you don't Understand

Financial Difficulty

When The Worst Things Happen

Eating with People that are Different


Too Much Of A Good Thing

Don't Shoot the Messenger


Chief Pinning Prayer

Financial Difficulty

Catastrophe's Effect On Us

Faith, Four Friends and a Roof


When What We Fear Comes Upon Us

Post Traumatic Stress

K9s for Warriors- Because Together We Stand

Zero Dark Thirty -Establishing a Habit of Prayer